Saltwater crocodile oil has higher content of collagen, amino acids, omega 3 and other nutrients, and it has a faster effect on skin repairing properties. After years of improvement, the addition of high quality musk not only covers the fat's smell of crocodile oil, it adds light fragrance to the crocodile oil and retains its skin repairing effect.

Ripple Saltwater Crocodile Oil (Fragrance)

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  • 1. Effective for bleeding cracks from dry skin, knife cuts, frost bite and cold sore, scalding, insect bites.

    2. Nourishes blood and dissipates bruises, reduces scarring.

    3. Moisturizes skin and delays wrinkling, lightens pigmentation and freckles, provides UV protection.

    4. Used for flaky and rough skin, prevents smelly feet.

    5. Reduces and repels acne growth.

    6. Effective moisturizer for massage purposes.